The Eclipse Lounge Chair by Jay Spectre

Our newly reupholstered period armchair beautifully blends classical art deco dark oak lines with modern chrome details.
Only at the Newel Florida showroom.
south florida design park

Spaghetti by Greg Lotus

“Spaghetti” by Greg Lotus, limited edition 12/20, 30″H x 45″ W, plexi-framed. Special prices on exhibition stock!

south florida design park

Lua Collection

Adriana Hoyos’ latest collection, LUA, is now available only in our Hollywood Showroom.

south florida design park

Bouclé Curls with Window Designs by Sonia

Bouclé Curls with Window Designs by Sonia

A close-up on the gorgeous bouclé curls from @texture_fabrics. Alpaca is definitely one of our favorite & coziest bouclés offered in our Harmony & Melody Performance Bouclé collection.

To find out more, visit our website at
Pictured: Alpaca-Lead

south florida design park


Renewing artistic and architectural trends while focusing on audacity, fantasy, and eclecticism. Carmen is artistry and weaving coming together, creating a rich and vivid handmade embroidery.

south florida design park
We remain excited about our upcoming move to our new showroom location at 2901 Simms Street, Suite 4, Hollywood, FL.  Unfortunately, the construction process has been delayed.  Starting October 19, 2022, we began servicing our amazing customers in a slightly different way.

Throughout this transition, we offer two main options for reaching our showroom personnel:
Showroom Contact Info:
Showroom Manager: Maureen McEnerney | 954.921.0202

Outside Sales Rep Info:
Sabrina Maqueda | 954-801-5831

At Pindler, we seek to provide service in the same thoughtful and professional manner as always. While our showroom is still under construction, we will take calls and emails for samples in the same manner as in the past as well.  Unfortunately, we will not be available for in-person shopping for several more months until the new location is open.

We are committed to ensuring the best customer experience possible in this interim period.  We are also available 24 hours a day on our website at for all your sample needs as well as to order fabric and check the status of orders.  We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you in our new showroom in the near future.
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