BELT Continues to Fulfill Clients’ Dreams

Belt Designs Services | South Florida Design Park

Considered one of the best sculptures of metal, BELT’s architectural pieces are presented exclusively at their showrooms located in Florida and Bogotá.

In fact, at the SFDP, the BELT Showroom aims to reach clients who are looking for craftsmanship and useful statement pieces that turn into art when installed. BELT believes that every dream is possible. This is why they co-create with the client the metal pieces that will enhance their space with strong personality.

In addition, “[The showroom is] a place where you can let imagination fly. You can see how bronze, iron and aluminum reach their maximum creative expression and possibilities,” said Delilah Scott. Moreover, “[It’s] a place where you see how our clients have shown their exquisite imagination with beautiful custom metal artwork.”

The showroom, locates at 4032 N 29th Ave., Hollywood, Fl.., offers an assortment of samples, mock-up designs and finishes of railings. Furthermore, balconies, doors, light fixtures and wall claddings for every client’s viewing pleasure. Besides, these in-house pieces are meant to help clients’ creative process and enhance their experience at the showroom.

“BELT invites you to come visit,” Scott said. “Explore your inner creative passion and be transformed into a world of luxury metal artwork.”