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Our mission is to create environments that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Clients bring in art to us to specifically curate and develop the details and ideas that both they and their design professionals want us to work with. Our job is to add to that a specially tailored collection of art using our expertise as an artist as well as our esthetic capabilities to find what they’re looking for, resulting in the successful history of my projects. We spend an enormous amount of time searching for art that will captivate our clients and create the perfect environment for them. The artists we’ve developed relationships with can attest to the amount of work we put into finding the right art.

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Royal Botania: Ninix Chaise Lounge & Palma Umbrella.

Royal Botania: Ninix Chaise Lounge & Palma Umbrella.

Ninix is most probably the most iconic collection in the Royal Botania range. The collection has grown over the years and is a true statement piece for every terrace.
The Palma umbrella is engineered like no other. To raise the umbrella, simply take hold of one of the arms and start to lift, the mechanism does the rest, raising it to a fully open position. By pulling down on one of the arms, you can retract it in just the same way.

Would you like to learn more about InsideOut furniture and products?
Call their Hollywood showroom at 954-920-2010.


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ASD Surfaces

ASD Surfaces is a premier South Florida interior design resource. Discover their incredible collections of wood, stone, tile, and architectural accents including hardwood floors of French oak and limestone, all inspired by the stillness of the past and the beauty of modern architecture.
ASD is proud to create inspirational visions and modern interpretations of floors, walls, kitchens, fireplace mantels, and range hoods. TO this this, the team works closely with clients and designers to fit the desired look and specifications. ASD Surfaces collections unite the concepts of purity of form, warmth of home, and the innovation of modern design.
For more information, stop by the ASD Surfaces showroom, convienantly located in the Design Center of Hollywood just off I-95.
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A True Rococo Modern Jewelry

The sculptural architectural metal pieces in this project are exceptional, evoking the essence of Rococo design with intricate attention to detail.
Within the property, elements crafted from iron, bronze, and cold roll steel include the main stair railing, balconies, a dixie handrail, the main door, and the interior wine cellar door.
It blends exceptional design with expert material handling, utilizing cast bronze and iron to accentuate existing spatial characteristics with impressive decorative accents.

Visit Us at Our New Address, 3000 Stirling Road, Suite 104, Hollywood, FL 33021, and Discover How Mastery and Passion Shape Every project into a Timeless Work of Art.

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The Design Center of Hollywood Featuring: Nisi B Home

If you are in the market for unique designer furnishings, lighting, and art selected primarily from US makers and artists, Nisi B Home can help. This showroom works not only with artists throughout the country, but with local artists and designers. This allows them to perfectly match clients with pieces they will love and enjoy for years. Timeless furnishings, art pieces, and lighting create functional, beautiful spaces that add flair to any home or business. From one-of-a-kind decorative pieces to stunning lighting features, furniture, and mirrors, Nisi B Home carries highly sought-after luxury decor and is located in the Design Center of Hollywood.

The Design Center of Hollywood is an independently owned building within the South Florida Design Park with showroom locations available both for shopping and rental space.
If interested in showroom space or looking for more information, please call (305)798-6061
south florida design park

We remain excited about our upcoming move to our new showroom location at 2901 Simms Street, Suite 4, Hollywood, FL. Unfortunately, the construction process has been delayed. Starting October 19, 2022, we began servicing our amazing customers in a slightly different way.

Throughout this transition, we offer two main options for reaching our showroom personnel:

Showroom Contact Info:
Showroom Manager: Maureen McEnerney | 954.921.0202

Outside Sales Rep Info:
Sabrina Maqueda | 954-801-5831

At Pindler, we seek to provide service in the same thoughtful and professional manner as always. While our showroom is still under construction, we will take calls and emails for samples in the same manner as in the past as well. Unfortunately, we will not be available for in-person shopping for several more months until the new location is open.

We are committed to ensuring the best customer experience possible in this interim period. We are also available 24 hours a day on our website at for all your sample needs as well as to order fabric and check the status of orders. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you in our new showroom in the near future.

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