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Telafina is an exclusive boutique collection developed by the third generation of Maxwell Fabrics. The highly curated style of Telafina rests upon the concept of combining traditional design with fashion-forward color palettes. Each season is created to compliment the last to inspire cohesive color and design stories or complete a distinctive look. Capturing the essence of longevity,
Since 1953 Thayer Coggin has been synonymous with high quality custom upholstery. From its North Carolina base and partnerships with iconic designers like Milo Baughman, the firm’s master craftspeople compose contemporary pieces using a rainbow of fabrics, even those supplied by customers, and seamlessly wrap them up with natural materials in midcentury pieces that will endure and delight for generations.
At The Finial Company, customization has always been our custom. We believe creativity flourishes when the mind is free to explore. No limitations, only infinite possibilities – for every space imaginable. We welcome fresh ideas. We thrive on creating an abundance of choices. And we pride ourselves on offering innovative support and truly flexible solutions hand-crafted just for you.
At The Finial Company, customization has always been our custom. We believe creativity flourishes when the mind is free to explore. No limitations, only infinite possibilities – for every space imaginable. We welcome fresh ideas. We thrive on creating an abundance of choices. And we pride ourselves on offering innovative support and truly flexible solutions hand-crafted just for yo
The Vale London was founded in 2017 by Melinda Marquardt. After working in sales for an American textile company for seven years, she decided to start up her own business. Partnering her education in fine art with her many years of sales experience, Melinda created the Vale London to provide exquisite textiles and wallpapers to the luxury interiors market.
For decades Paul Maitland Smith, who founded Theodore Alexander in 1966, has been an industry legend who pioneered high-end furniture production in Southeast Asia all while preserving and innovating traditional English furniture in array of interesting materials that enhance each piece’s function and artistry.

ver twenty years ago, we founded Dessin Fournir and began clarifying our vision of what we wanted Dessin Fournir to be—a business that would bring to market beautifully designed products unrivaled in quality and a company that would offer a level of service unknown in today’s marketplace. Dessin Fournir would not be a look. Rather, we would be a unique resource for a design community that I believe still longs for authentic beauty, quality and service.

Established in 1886, Thibaut (pronounced Tee-Bo) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Known for a fresh, inspiring color palette with classic style, Thibaut offers unsurpassed quality and design in styles ranging from historic reproductions, toile, chinoiserie to tropical and novelty patterns. With an insightful knowledge of trends and what homeowners want,
STARK is the premier design industry partner for luxury residential and hospitality carpeting projects. STARK’s mission is to supply beautiful and unique carpets and rugs of unparalleled quality to the interior design community, with exceptional customer service.
Brazil’s Tidelli, led by three brothers dedicated to constantly researching new materials, new trends, and new functionalities, boasts contemporary outdoor design pieces that are comfortable, crafty, and marked by supreme attention to livability and the environments that surround them. The brand creates spaces perfect for those living a relaxed urban lifestyle while keeping nature within arm’s reach.
1901 Tomlinson started with a mere 12 employees specializing in the crafting of handmade chairs. Since then, the company started by Sidney Halstead Tomlinson, Sr. expanded throughout the decades handed from generation to generation until it was acquired and expanded through a merger with the Erwin-Lambeth furniture company.
Tonin Casa is one of Italy’s leading purveyors of modern and traditional interior designs built to the highest standards of both style and craftsmanship. Tonin’s modern collection which includes tables, seating, sideboards, bookcases, sofas and armchairs are composed of wood,
Travers translates the English country cottage style into urban and rural living in America. With its eclectic mix of patterns the brand creates traditional textile art with a new a modern twist. Classic woven materials combined with embroidered linens and elaborate prints form the basis which Travers develops its comfortable and inviting style. Pure luxury without affectation.

For more than three decades Treasure Garden has remained singly focused on producing top quality, custom-made, handcrafted umbrellas in aluminum and wood. Each umbrella combines advanced technology with the latest color and fabric trends. Its commercial and cantilevered sun shades include materials designed and tested to both withstand the elements and perform effortlessly no matter the conditions.

Founded by Gianni Tonin longer than thirty years ago, Tonin Casa was always passionate, elegant and willing to research the latest novelties, within Art Décor. In 1975, it mainly worked on shoe racks and classical furniture. The first catalogue regarding those products was released in 1982.
Material and process. While there are multiple steps in the journey from conception to fabrication, the essence of our approach is to embrace the fundamental characteristics of the stuff at hand — metal, wood, stone — and allow those essential properties to remain central to the function, comfort, and purpose of the final design.
At this company’s headquarters you might find its founder and president David Littman working out his latest inspiration in the design studio or on the factory floor inspecting merchandise to ensure superior fit and finish. In 1939, William Littman, a Brooklyn-based inventor and David’s grandfather, was inspired by fluorescent lighting’s introduction at the New York World’s Fair. By 1947, what started as a garage-based business became a fully fledged family business that today,
Umbrosa’s shades represent the pinnacle of function and design. Pieces in its elliptical Eclipsum collection offer a large, elegant ring with shade sails that offer an artistic spectacle and reviving shadow. Its center post Spectra collection is reminiscent of soaring wings and because of its unique shape offers an endless variety of positions combining the beauty of flat design with the functionality of a fan system
Unopiù began in 1978 in Soriano nel Cimino in the heart of the Tuscan countryside in an area that for centuries has been dedicated to the cultivation of stunning gardens. With one eye on handcrafted outdoor furnishings and the other drawing from the aesthetics of Italy’s natural and created environments Unopiù over the last three decades has become a world leader in creating beautiful,
“The Van Gregory & Norton design studio, located in a 19th century artists’ loft in Brooklyn, produces hand-finished custom curtain hardware for the design industry. “Natural forms and classical architecture inspire designers Van Gregory Wifvat and Kelly Bugden. Drawing on their backgrounds in fine art and painting, they proudly put forth a collection representative of diverse eras and styles – from early classical to modernist and contemporary forms.