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Pierre Frey is a French luxury design house from which an inspirational, family-owned business looks towards the design future. Pierre Frey, founded in 1935, designs and creates luxurious, quality fabrics and wallpapers in French tradition. 

This Miami-based design powerhouse was founded in the mid-1990s as solely a design operation and in merely two decades has grown to become a globally sought after brand. Adriana’s collections have been recognized for their modern appeal and traditional craftsmanship. 

If we were to embark on a mission to captivate, beguile and bewitch the world with beautiful things, we would need a constant stream of ideas for all the shapes and forms, and these would be described as beyond fashion; because they should last.

With a philosophy to provide tailored lifestyle-centric solutions of exceptional quality, we take pride in the fact that we are not confined to a signature design style. This enables our multi-talented design team to create solutions which meet the lifestyle and desires of the client, while..

Just outside of Trieste, Italy Presotto maintains a time-honored commitment to Italian manufacturing and quality. In 2014, it earned a place on the prestigious National Registry of Italian Manufacturers that assures all of its modern and contemporary interior designs ..

STARK is the premier design industry partner for luxury residential and hospitality carpeting projects. STARK’s mission is to supply beautiful and unique carpets and rugs of unparalleled quality to the interior design community, with exceptional customer service. 

Pure Edge Lighting made its first splash in 2006 when it introduced its Aurora Adjustable Accent line of nearly invisible, recessed lighting in a variety of shapes with the ability to give any surface a stylish glow. Since then, the Chicago-based company has added a 90,000-square-foot Illinois production facility and expanded its lighting portfolio to include wall wash lighting, wall grazing and line lighters that add modern style and futuristic sophistication to any indoor space.
When it comes to building a world-class company for automated window treatments, you need an inventor, someone who tweaks and tinkers late into the night because he’s fascinated by the elements that must be tamed and he’s excited by the challenge of fine-tuning products into perfection.
Literally translated from Latin, Quintus means fifth. However, its relation to the word quintessence is where meaning is found for our brand. The word quintessence was first used to describe the substance, the pure essence, of which the heavenly bodies are composed. Along with the other four known elements (water, earth, fire and air), this essential purity was an integral component of all physical things. Simply put, quintessence means perfection.

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products in five categories, including apparel, accessories, home, fragrances, and hospitality. For more than 50 years, Ralph Lauren’s reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands, and international markets.

Known around the world over for his iconic rainbow of collared shirts with embroidered polo horse and player, fashion designer and mogul Ralph Lauren partnered with EJ Victor in 2008 to bring the brand’s quality to commitment and style into the homes of those who’ve loved it for years. Specializing in traditional and contemporary indoor designs with an array of cocktail tables, desks, and dining and…

Founded in 1971, Randolph & Hein Inc. has evolved from a company producing faithful antique reproduction furniture, to commissioning and producing contemporary designs by prominent designers that have become timeless furniture classics of the twenty-first century. As a company we are committed to producing over 50 new furniture models per calendar year. 

Since 1980, Vancouver’s Ratana has been a leader in creating elegant, timeless designs of exceptional quality for the most discerning buyers of outdoor furniture for homes and the world’s finest hotels. With styles ranging from traditional to transitional and contemporary, Ratana creates pieces for every aspect of outdoor dining and living spaces as well as umbrellas, loungers and fire pits to turn a blank canvas into a coveted oasis. With materials ranging from the finest woods and woven fabrics to cutting edge..

This cutting-edge Italian designer collaborates closely with the legendary island of Murano’s glass and crystal craftsmen to create aesthetically charming pieces that are enriched and warmed by shapes and colors that pays homage to the heritage of the Venetian handicraft. Its modern interior offerings include everything from tables, consoles, bookcases, and chests to inspiring office and entertainment furniture that blends pristine technologies with show-stopping beauty. 

In 1984 Rene Cazares began making furniture one piece at a time in his small studio in El Monte, California. That humble operation has since expanded to a 60,000-square-foot Southern California factory, yet Cazares’s passion and obsession with cutting-edge pieces of unparalleled quality persists. For its stunning, modern indoor pieces RC Furniture uses the best of time honored crafting techniques along with modern furniture construction technology and expert tailoring to mold the finest materials into pieces…

This artist’s provocative designs evoke opposing emotions and experiences. The resin works are both familiar in how they mimic the gradients of the natural world but foreign in how they do so with a texture and perspective that is seemingly culled from a distant planet. Lowe sold a successful internet business in 2005 and dedicate himself to art. He worked with concrete, metal and glass before switching to resin, which he said is an unpredictable medium that yields truly unique creations.
From its headquarters in the picturesque hills of North Carolina Robert Abbey Fine Lighting has been designing and building the finest fixtures since 1948. Now, with third-generation leadership, and multiple generations of families working on its factory floor, Robert Abbey offers a wide range of table and floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, flush mounts and accessories made from the most durable, beautiful materials in styles ranging from the traditional to the modern.

Roberti has been a design pioneer combining the latest trends in both shapes and woven materials while staying true to and improving the famed standards of Italian craftsmanship. Every piece in its collections, from transitional sofas and hanging chairs to its striking modern “igloo” daybeds and chaises, is designed to meet each customer’s personal interpretation of home and enjoyment with the highest standards of aesthetics and comfort. Roberti’s work boasts the artistry of indoor furniture..

Roger Oates and Fay Morgan Oates first began designing and hand producing flatweave rugs and runners more than 30 years ago. The reinvention of the Venetian Flatweave process led to a series of creative experiments with colour, pattern and texture that now number more than 100 individual designs currently in production. This truly British product has become a design classic, furnishing floors..

Ron Dier began his earlier career as a designer for a custom carpet manufacturer, before drastically changing design paths when he began experimenting in a ceramics studio. What followed was an immersion in the world of earthenware forms, fueled by an artistic passion. Dier was covering floors eight hours a day, followed by seven hours a night sculpting– for the next three years.

Over twenty years ago, we founded Dessin Fournir and began clarifying our vision of what we wanted Dessin Fournir to be—a business that would bring to market beautifully designed products unrivaled in quality and a company that would offer a level of service unknown in today’s marketplace. Dessin Fournir would not be a look. Rather, we would be a unique resource for…