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STARK is the premier design industry partner for luxury residential and hospitality carpeting projects. STARK’s mission is to supply beautiful and unique carpets and rugs of unparalleled quality to the interior design community, with exceptional customer service.

Lexington Home Brands is headquartered in High Point, North Carolina in the heart of America’s furniture country with operations throughout the state and nation. With a history of design excellence stretching back more than a century,

Link Outdoor designs and manufactures furniture and fabric collections that inspire designers to consider the outdoors as a continuum to their stylish interiors. Link is defined by its versatile designs, casual sophistication and youthful modernism inspired by classical forms
Link Outdoor designs and manufactures furniture and fabric collections that inspire designers to consider the outdoors as a continuum to their stylish interiors. Link is defined by its versatile designs, casual sophistication and youthful modernism inspired by classical forms. Link’s collections offer unparalleled comfort, elegant proportions

Our different styles of fabrics stimulate the human emotions, our hypnotising colours and textures cannot pass unnoticed, provoking the most moving of reactions. A sensuality which is almost imperceptible surrounds our collections. The interiors created meticulously by decorators all over the world evoke different sensations of mystery, creativity and spirituality.

Founded in 1962 by Luciano in Venice, the brand LUCIANO MARCATO has been from the beginning synonym for luxury and Venetian magnificence. Passionate by the tradition of the Italian style and actualized with innovation and modernity

he work of Lucien Rollin is still not widely known, unlike his peers Jacques-Emile Rulhman, Arbus, Adnet … Lucien Rollin, artist-decorator, architect designer furniture but especially the 30/40 years, died in 1993 , left his family very beautiful original works of furniture, lighting, decorative objects, jewelry,

After a period at the Palazzo Labia Luigi Bevilacqua Srl it is established in its current location of the Holy Cross, where the old frames have found their final location. At the headquarters of Venice it is also part of the production, with 25 handlooms still working, warehouse and showroom.

Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven company. As a private corporation guided by our founder’s simple but profound Five Principles, Lutron has a long history of significant growth and smart innovations. The Lutron story began in the late 1950s in Joel Spira’s makeshift lab in New York City. A young physicist fascinated by the aesthetic manipulation of ligh
Over the years, Lutson Goudleer has set the standards for contemporary Gilt Leather. Form the early eighties on, till the present day, our leathers are unmatched in quality and aesthetics. At Lutson we have decided to fight the uniformity generated by this industrialized world. Lutson Leathers as always made in France with Passion & “Savoir Faire”.

Los Angeles-based Made Goods is a specialist in creating statement pieces defined by the use of unusual materials, unexpected proportions and thoughtful design. Its portfolio includes traditional, modern and contemporary beds and headboards, consoles, desks, dressers, seating and sofas in wood, metal, stone with woven or upholstered elements. Its designs orbit around excellence in texture and materials

With thirty years’ experience designing fabrics and wallpapers for the world’s most renowned editors, Richard Smith has created his own luxurious collection – Madeaux. Working in his studio overlooking the English Channel in East Sussex, Richard creates beguiling and covetable printed, embroidered and woven fabrics.
adeline Stuart is a leading member of the Los Angeles design community whose wide-ranging clientele comes from the entertainment industry and the world of business and finance. Equally at ease designing a 1920’s Hollywood hacienda, a Fifth Avenue Manhattan apartment or a Rocky Mountain retreat, Stuart stresses, above all else

This Chicago-based designer of outdoor furnishings is what happens when high design meets the ultimate care in ethical production. Designed to last in any outdoor environment, Mama Green furniture is manufactured using majority recycled or recyclable materials including metals and synthetics. More than 90% of the teak used is carefully sourced from abandoned buildings,

From its home base in Pomona, California Marge Carson oversees an army of skilled artisans across the globe who create the finest traditional indoor designs from a seemingly never ending palette of fabrics, leathers, finishes and accents. Since 1947 the company has specialized in constructing pieces boasting an elegant yet casual look with generously proportioned silhouettes showcasing intricate, sculpte

Masiero, a family-owned company commits itself to the latest developments in home automation as well as innovative new lighting products. Masiero is always striving to integrate the decorative and technical advancements in architectural lighting into the world of fixtures. Its quartet of collections include stunning traditional chandeliers with incomparable glass work,

Maxim Lighting has developed a keen intuition for lasting trends, carefully developed over years of research, design and development. Founder Jacob Sperling studied aeronautics by day and used his engineering skills at night by create the first pieces that set everything in motion. The company’s transitional and traditional indoor and outdoor fixtures include everything from metal and glass chandeliers.
ounders, Harry and Dorothy (Kneedler) Lawenda, have cemented their place in history as midcentury trailblazers, and remain icons in the design industry. The company’s roots go back to 1948, when the couple spearheaded the revitalization of San Francisco’s Jackson Square, turning a blighted, forgotten area into a thriving design district – the first of its kind.