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Phillip Jeffries Introduces Transcend. Wrap your walls with this immersive forest mural that instills a sense of wonder and discovery. With a soaring canopy of leafy branches overhead and shimmering reflections of water below, the soft glow of sunlight guides you home. An exquisite piece of original art, this saturated painterly design features sunbeams shining through the trees.C

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Refined Recycle Collection

The Refined Recycle Collection is an updated yet timeless take on traditional design, featuring jacquard fabrics woven with a majority of recycled yarns. The yarns are obtained from scraps of other fabrics, such as used clothes, and then recycled into new yarns that are used to weave new beautiful fabrics. The collection includes five beautiful designs that provide a perfect fit for every design scheme.

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Find paradise in Scalamandré’s newest Hinson Palm wallcoverings

Transform your space into a lush, colorful paradise with three fresh hues of our iconic Hinson Palm wallcovering (licensed by CW Stockwell). What’s more, we’ve also launched this maximalist motif in neutral grasscloth and paperweave, perfect for adding leafy sophistication anywhere you place it.
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Made in Italy and blending classic and modern elements in an effortless transitional design, Ligna is a luxury kitchen that instantly conveys what the home represents: comfort, warmth, and stability. Contact our showroom to explore our exclusive collection of kitchen designs.

south florida design park