BELT Showroom Offers Custom-Made Metal Pieces

BELT Showroom Designs Services | South Florida Design Park

BELT Showroom has spent the last 30 years creating highly sought after and unique metal pieces that are custom made.

“Have you ever been transported to a place where you feel anything is possible and the inspiration is your dreams,” wrote BELT’s VP Business Development Arch. Valentina Beltran. Welcome to BELT!

BELT is considered one of the best sculptures of metal, offering unique and exclusive pieces around the world.

The company was founded in 1985 by Louis Beltran and his wife, Angela. Coming from a background of architecture and building industrialization studies, the pair founded a company that is committed to exceeding the expectations of its clientele by working with owners, architects, builders and interior designers to bring visions to life.

BELT’s SFDP showroom allows clients to indulge their senses and explore different styles through a variety of displays that showcase different kinds of textures and elegances of architectural metal artwork, according to Beltran.

At this showroom, clients can look forward to seeing stair railings, railings, handrails, lighting, gates, doors, furniture and balconies in a variety of styles.