SFDP Mini Fall Market

Upcoming Events at South Florida Design Park, Thursday, October 25th

11:00 pm – 1:00 pm “MEET THE MAN BEHIND THE NAME – JEAN DE MERRY” Hosted by J NELSON

JEAN DE MERRY -A French deco-inspire, an artisanal line that sparks the imaginations of its clients, producing pieces that are timeless, uncommon and insecure by quality and craftsmanship. However, come meet JEAN as he welcomes designers to learn more about his collection and the superior craftsmanship gave to each piece. LITE LUNCH AT NOON. Read more

RSVP at 954-701-4470

1:30p-3:00p “Solutions to the Online and Retail Invasion,” a panel discussion hosted at the Jerry Pair showroom, 2862 Pershing St., Hollywood, FL.

Moreover, this event will address the growing concern of designers that online and retail shopping are encroaching steadily into the function of designers. Hear solutions for marketing your value proposition as a design professional. Four of Florida’s leading designers will provide some “solutions” to the challenges our industry is facing. However, the panelists are Fanny Haim, Alene Workman, and Michael Wolk, each from their eponymous companies, and Marc Thee, co-founder, and co-owner of Marc-Michaels Interiors. The panel will be moderated by Mike Peterson, Vision Marketing.

RSVP at jsauer@jerrypair.com

3:00p-4:30p “Design Therapy: Design’s Influence on Health and Pleasure,” a panel discussion hosted at the Stark showroom, 2870 Pershing St., Hollywood, FL.

Moreover, designers need to look deeply into the real value they provide. It’s more than just placing product or balance and scale. Designers need to market the real value in what they provide…the differentiator… health, beauty and pleasure….and the emotional reward they provide to clients. However, a panel of leading designers, who have researched the value proposition behind these benefits, will provide the analysis and the action steps we can take to distinguish ourselves. Are you getting credit for providing health and pleasure for your clients? Furthermore, the panelists are Bea Pila of B Pila Design Studio, Jaime Blomquist of Expressive Designs, Inc., and Michelle Castagna of Muse Design Studio. The panel will be moderated by Mike Peterson, Vision Marketing.

RSVP at lventura@starkcarpet.com

Seats are filling up fast, so RSVP now!